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Jennifer's Journal
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Friday, January 6th, 2006
9:53 pm
Tonight= Andra's house w/ EVERYONE
Sunday, January 1st, 2006
6:34 pm
I'm sitting on AJ's lap :] and I love him. he is hungry as shit right now so we are gonna go eat some grub. tata- happy new years.. more later
Friday, December 30th, 2005
11:35 pm
I'm in Vegas until the third.
I want to post a long entry, but can't quite bring myself to do it.
-The trip to Vegas to watch Nick's bowl game (they won), with forty people was a blast, but AJ and I got extremely ill. it was disgusting, and it's not like one of us could take care of the other the whole time, we had to take turns. I had to spend the fifty dollars my mom gave me all on medicine in the gift shop at the Aladdin. Yes, all fifty dollars- why is Nyquil and Dayquil $12 each? That was just the begining of the medications and coughdrops. I love Stacey and Nick though, I still had a good time with everyone and the family. It was all worth it.
-Christmas was fine. My home, AJ's home, and Nick's.
-I love Phoo and spending time with her
-I STIll don't have my lap top, and probably won't until next month
-I have been to Vegas five times, and the last two visits I have been greeted with the comment, "Did you gain more weight?" ha.
-Chelsie was my guest to Natalie Ohanasians cocktail party the other evening, I wore a hot dress that I barely wanted to move in. I loved having Chels around again, and talking.
-I miss my family.

...until New Years Eve
Monday, December 12th, 2005
9:23 am
I finally met up with Uncle Pete for a few days this week. He ran errands with me for work and watched tv with me and tried Cheesecake Factory for the first time! It's insane how much alike we are and how much we have in common. I'm happy he had the opportunity to come out here and hope he makes it back here in August. Yesterday I went to Lisette's wedding and later that night Natalie, Mom, Dad, Jonathan, Unle Pete, Ayrius and I went to the sushi bar for Ayrius' birthday. It was fun, and delicous of course.
I just finished my English final. I won the free-write contest in the class today too. The topic was priorities, and I wrote about succeeding in my education...blah blah blah, and why it's so important to me. I would post it if I did not have to turn it in. No big deal though, it's all in my noggin.
I still have yet to reschedule me and Jenn's lunch date, and get back to the gym in the evenings.
p.s. work is going WONDERFUL.:]
Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
6:56 am
I'm in advisement. and I'm extremely bored and cold.
I turned in my paper early this morning and I am really nervous about it. Then again, I have been really nervous about most of the papers I have turned in. I'm gonna try not to think about it over the weekend, because it's not worth the worry.
I do not want to go to work today. I'd rather finish all of my errands and then go to Einsteins with Amber Spear or Jennifer. mm!
Ayrius turns 20 in four days. hahaha. He's the best. We have had a lot of time together- actually, we had been back and forth between my home and his for three weeks, and the following three weeks we have spent at my home. This week we are back at his house since I'm housesitting.
My Uncle Peter is in town as of 1:30 am. My mom is giving him the car while he's here since she can't drive anyways. She basically just wakes me or Ayrius up at odd hours of the morning to help her get ready or make food and do everything around the house for her. I normally would be SO grumpy, but she's the best mom in the entire world and does ANYTHING, literally, for me. She's great, and I owe her.. She took care of me as a child, lol now it's my turn to take care of her. :] they just called my name!
Monday, December 5th, 2005
9:15 am
I was just thinking this second
Robert makes me mad. or something. But I have been praying for him.
Monday, November 28th, 2005
6:15 pm
I'm back at school.
This afternoon, after my first two classes, I went home and got ready and AJ and I went to the mall and did very light shopping (I got another discount at SHIEKH!) hehe. We had not eaten all day so we went to the Elephant Bar Restaraunt and ate. It was GREAT. mmm. -- well, while we were eating we were having a conversation about chelsie, and I was talking about her, and my cell phone rang, after I am like 90% sure I had turned off the ringer in the car as we parked,.. aj asked who it was and I said, "I'm not sure, but I recognize the number." It ended up being her mom and we talked for like five minutes. It was SO weird. But a good weird. I love her mom. anyways, we talked and then when I got home dad said that Chelsie had stopped by the house an hour before I got there! AH! I wanted to scream! I barely missed her, and she has no phone.. so i have no way of communicating with her.. unless she reads this and emails me @ fig05er@yahoo.com *crosses fingers*
It's still cold.
Ayrius' birthday is in less than 15 days. I already gave him his presents, so that he wouldn't buy them and could enjoy them right away, so I think I'll just be getting him a nice shirt I saw today and new earings, and then dinner.
9:36 am
Are you going to do some sit-ups?
I just remembered. Ayrius and I are going to start working out everyday starting today. and starting next week we are going to church EVERY Sunday, not every other Sunday. lol. I'm not so thrilled about the first plan. bleh. I don't like running. I'd rather just be in the gym- which is why I had a membership to LAFITNESS for four months and never went. ever. I am just going to be using Jenn's gym at her appartment while AJ trains with Chad at his gym. The thing I hate most is not seeing immediate results, so I have to be consistent. More than four people in the last month have noticed that I have gained weight, so I am gonna work hard.
9:06 am
Why is it so cold today?! Aj and I woke up at six thirty this morning to get ready for our 7 flippin 30 classes. ick. He accidentally took my keys with him and I had to meet him outside to get them, and it was Freezing, and extremely windy. brr. I'm all bundled and cozy today. and my hair looks like shit. haha.
So this weekend and thanksgiving was nice. It was mom, dad, natalie, chip, jessica, mecha and I at the house. Dad had to that night so mom, chip, Jessica and I went to anna and sals with the justin's and sang Karaoke all night and just messed around or whatever. it was nice.
On another note, Mari kicked Aj and I out of her house this weekend too.. So we have only gone back once to get his homework assignments off of the comp. and when she got there dala and airabin were there too. it was really weird. Like, it wasn't uncomfortable being around her, just a weird energy and feeling. She really hurt my feelings, and annoyed me too. So I haven't said anything to her or even so much as called her. I do need to get a check from her though, and am not sure how to ask for it. i'm working on it though. So everyone decorated their home without us there. We felt so rejected. Last night we cleaned up the house and put up and decorated the tree at my house for my mom. it looks great ! and I put three presents under the tree. :]
Tutoring and working with Ryan is going well. It can be stressful at times, and makes me want to cry sometimes too, but when he does well I feel so good inside and SO proud of him. I won't give up on him though. I'm blessed to have this opportunity to work with him and for his family, and it's a great experience and practice, not to mention it looks great in my portfolio! :]
I can't believe it's already christmas time. i wish my home had a fire place, aj's has three :(...
I love him. and he is so good to me.
I want to go to the mall with jennifer mithcell in like two hours, but i can't get ahold of her to find out if she is at work today. I am going to be house sitting for her in a few days. Just me and Chloe and probably desperate house wives dvds.
This weekend= NC @ ASU, that game was exciting, and amazing. I loved it. and got to see so many people.
Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
10:43 am
I'm in history. We are in the computer lab again. it's ridiculous if you ask me. 'Dr. Leiby' assigns groups, and gives each group an American president to research. He has us research the pros and cons, which we copy and paste from the internet for about twenty minutes. After we bullshit the info. we print it and turn it in. Then he makes multiple copies of each groups b.s. and staples it into a GINORMOUS packet, so we can study for our final. How dumb is that. We just do it to get the credit, not for the quality of the work. So then we are all stuck studying irrelevent information, rather than Dr. Leiby himself preparing a packet for us to study the information that he, as an instructor, feels is necessary. He's a terrible teacher, extremely strange, but super nice.
Lynn's got a hostess job, and they asked her to bring friends, so she is taking me to interview for part time. I hated the last restaurant I hosted at, but I am hoping this will work out for just a few days a week.

I saw Chelsie's dad yesterday, he waved at me as he was driving by Jessica and I.
Also last night, I decided that I can not be afraid of growing up quickly, actually, having my own responsibilities, so I am moving out in March or April. I love my home, and my room, and I have a lot of responsibilities there that I don't mind. My parents and I get along great. But I have a ridiculous curfew of 11:15, and the only thing I rely on them for is shelter and gas money. NOTHING else. Not even food. If I want all of the luxuries of being "grown up' then I need to take initiative, and do it. I just need a few months to prepare, and the most difficult part, to find a trustworthy, clean, financially stable, and not annoying roomate.
Jenn wants me to move in with her, and leave my furniture at my parents house. It would be totally fun, convenient, and inexpensive, BUT, since it is a studio there is not much privacy, and she has a kitten that always claws my legs, and gives me allergies(itchy eyes and runny nose). I don't really NEED privacy but I would prefer it. Beside that, I am ridiculously picky about the way I organize my things, which is why I love my room right now so much. I'm torn, and normally when I think/ debate this subject I am irate. But last night when it came up again, I was calm, and thinking rationally. My other problem is that I do not like apartments, because it's not even an investment. It's like shredding money. I would rather move into a house and pay rent, or lease a condo with someone, which I could make payments on, and then rent it out to a family when AJ and I decide to get a home together. Then we would just make extra money off of them. ah! that is too far along though. But this is my dilema right now. 
Okay, we are done, and going back to the class room. Thank God.

Current Mood: bored out of my mind!
Monday, October 24th, 2005
5:07 pm
chicka pow wow.
I have been back and forth from my school to North Canyon since seven am. I am still at school, and I have been extremely productive. I am proud of me. :] It will give me time later this week to focus on getting a job! ANY IDEAS?? I won't be out of my last class until nine. And I am exhausted.

on another note, AJ's game this weekend was a blast. And he did amazing- I'm so proud of him and thankful for our answered prayers for more opportunity. I start house sitting this Thursday. woot woot

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, October 13th, 2005
6:06 pm

Current Mood: excited
5:45 pm
Class went by so slow today. I was not motivated, but I made the cutest assignment for my students to do. My examply was a power point on The Ugly Duckling. It reminded me of when I was a little girl, I used to cry everytime I read that book or saw the cartoon on Reading Rainbow. I hate that show.

Jess and I spent all day together. We ate a realy good lunch and shopped. I finished ALL of my Christmas shopping today!!! I feel relieved.
When Jess and I were in Sheik we were hanging out with Eugine. He asked if she was my sister and if I am always with her. Then he said, "How come your boy is never with you??" i felt sad, but i just told him the usual. "He has football 7 days a week and is taking 17 credits." And Eugine agreed that it was good, because he was doing something for our future. (our being the key word)- and that put a smile back on my face.

In the last three weeks I have applied and had interviews for four jobs. I got each of them, and then decided I didn't want any of them. I turned them down one by one. So I am still bored.. and my account is getting low :( I don't like seeing the numbers drop. In fact, I hate it. But I am looking for a perfect job for ME. Not just something that will keep me busy durring all my spare time. And not just something available. Something perfect, and I have been praying for an opportunity... so i just have to be patient. I had another really good interview with Tungland yesterday, and I am actually anxious to hear back from them.
my dad is singing in the kitchen. ha you gotta love him. I was looking at him the other day when we were talking, and I totally remembered how robert used to say he looks like super mario, and I said it out loud. my mom started laughing too.
I should go and do homework, but I think I am going to the movies with luke, jess, bri and maybe the rest of the crowd.
i'm tired.
mrs. jennifer did my braids like alisha's from her new cd, instead of straight back. i love it. jess had hers done too. I have to get my hair trimmed by next friday, it's SO long, and my ends are dry again.

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, October 12th, 2005
12:30 am
Ayrius and I had a little tiff.
PART ONE ended like this
Jenluvsulots: okay.
ELFantasy02: ok
Jenluvsulots: i love you.
ELFantasy02: i love you too baby forever and ever
Jenluvsulots: :]
.. and when we both finish our homework we are going to continue talk some more.
(to be continued...)
Sunday, October 9th, 2005
1:00 pm
"She fucking hates me...!"
The last few weeks have been really good.
I got the job for diversified mortgage, it's going to be a challenge, but then again it wouldn't be called work if it wasn't. Jennifer Mitchell also got a part time job there too- carpool. We have definately been hanging out a lot more lately and going out and all that fun stuff. And it hasn't been weird from the second she called from QT to now. it's awesome. Lynns, Jaimie W, Jennifer and I all got ready and went to the homecoming football game at north canyon. Lynn's and Jennifer wanted to stand againts the rail to watch and scream at their old cheer friends all night. i felt bad for standing in everyones way, and all i wanted to do was sit in one spot on the bleachers, talk to a few people, and watch the game, instead of moving every two minutes and all of us stopping every thirty seconds to talk to different people. Finally the cheer coach let us sit on the bench on the track. of course i couldn't see the game because the cheer leaders were in the way most of the time. We left right after royalty was announced. We ate at chili's, sang really loud songs from jaimie's ipod, and almost got in a car accident that made us all scream. Jennifer drives crazy when there are a lot of people in the car, it's risky, but she says it makes things more fun. We had a blast! And it was the type of night that gives me the chills because its so perfect and carefree. After we dropped lynn's and jaimie off at their houses I got a call from cory! :] he wanted us to go to Huys house. we did, and Mitchell met us there. We pretty much talked and laughed a lot and people watched. Brianne, Rhianne, Dawn, and some other blonde chick were begging me to play shoulders and drink with them lol. not my thing so we continued to just hang out. Then the cops showed up and we all rushed into the house, but everyone tripped over the shoes in the doorway, and they tried to close the garage in the cops face which really pissed him off, so he ran inside after us. He looked really young, nervous, and puny. My heart was pounding and I stood there in silence in front of John. He asked where the keg was and for two boys to empty it, then he asked who was drinking. He asked everyone who didn't raise their hands to go to the other room so we could be breathalized. There were like seven of us, so he just asked us to follow his pen with our eyes. I was trying so hard not to laugh. Then he asked how everyone was getting hom and jenn told him we were driving a few people. So he let us get them and leave. I immediately went and grabbed john and rhianne because he was So wasted. We ended up just driving around with them for a while so they sobered up and we could take them back to the house to get their shoes and cars. jenn, mitchell, and i ended up going to her place and playing with the kitten, christian, and talking until around two when we finally went to sleep.
ill update more later, i have errands, homework, and a little chrsitmas shopping left to do. tata
(rober, aj, candice)
Thursday, September 29th, 2005
7:03 pm
he left me three text messages that i did not wake up to. and then called me to wake me up this morning.

i just woke up from my nap.

Current Mood: sleepy
Wednesday, September 28th, 2005
9:14 am
I am in the computer commons. As I was walking down the hall to get here this guys said, "wake up." haha. I am not sleepy or lazy today, just in a trance or something. English went really well today too. And apparantly i did an assignment in the chapter that we didn't even start until today, which means that I COULD have gone to Ayrius' last night. The crappiest part is I can't even turn it in, because I am part of the essay. grand.
Friday, September 23rd, 2005
9:50 pm
i hate coming home. but i am thankful that i have a home to come home to. i'm about to leave again because apparently i have an attitude and lose respect when i am here. that's carmen for ya.
Monday, September 19th, 2005
9:13 am
I love you because...
Kristen and I left for la at two am saturday. we got to newport beach and were all settled by seven thirty, we made great timing. We then bundled up on our towels and in our blankets because it was still cold out, and we went to sleep. Well i only fell asleep for about an hour, i was too cold. a few hours later the clouds cleared up and the sun was bright and shining on us. So we stripped down and greased up and layed out to tan and read magazines. Then we went walking to all of the shops on the pier and at lunch at this yummy chilli place. i ate fish n chips and a salad, french fries, and a sprite. it was so filling. we rented a surf board for the day too, so once it got really warm and i had to pee we went straight to the water. it was FREEZING, but after it numbed you it was no big deal. so we surfed out in the water for thirty five minutes max. and then we took like a three hour nap. I fell asleep with my sunglasses on and so i have a burnt racoon face and it hurts to scrunch my nose. we get extra dark and had a great time, especially taking cute pictures. I wrote i love you ayrius in the sand with this asian babies shovel, and sat next to it and kristen snapped a pic. then i took my water bottle and put some sand, the water and some pretty shells in it for aj so i could bring the ocean to him. We got cleaned and rinsed up and were on our way home by eight. the 745. the trafic was terrible for the first thirty minutes, but we made it alright. we got home at one thirty in the morning. i brushed my teeth and passed out in bed. i woke up to go to church in the morning, but then when i called aj he said he was on the bus and an hour away from the school. so i got in his car, still in my bathing suit, soffes, and sweat pants, with crunchy salt water and sandy hair, and headed to scottsdale. i was so happy to see him! i missed him. They won their game and he played well. i was happy for him. we went to his house and got on the computer. then i showered and we took a two hour nap. we woke up and went to mcdonalds and just ate and sat around watching tv. airabin came into town and so we all sat down and ate dinner together. aj took me home and stayed over for a few hours- even though i felt bad because his brother had just got in. it ended up being alright. I gave him his present, my letter of i love you'r. and the rest of the night was, i'm not sure how to describe it. (read 9/19/05 in quiet time journal.) I never knew i could fall more deeply in love than i already was. <333 lovelovelove.
p.s. happy anniversary to us :]
Friday, September 16th, 2005
6:37 pm
San Diego, here I come!
<33 kristen and Me
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